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Hicas Co., Ltd. is a software engineering company in Harmony Network that specializes in agile software development by providing fast, reliable and accurate solutions to customers. Our headquarters is located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With well-trained and experienced engineers, we fully committed to helping our customers accelerate their programs development and build advanced solutions. Hicas Co., Ltd. offers an affordable option for software companies to expand their R&D effort and evolve ideas into advanced application. At Hicas, we haveyears of experience in automation software for plant life cycle, offering solutions for the design, fabrication, and maintenance of piping systems.

Our Philosophy

We strive to earn the trust and respect of our customers through anabsolute commitment to be part of their industry experts team, the constant process of technical innovation and ultimately their success.

Change the world of engineering software – move them to next generation with new technology, and international collaborating.

  • We are honest and fair – In dealings with customers, partners, and each other.
  • Customer satisfaction is crucial to us – Thus we strive to exceed customers' expectations.
  • We are results-oriented – Our focus are to always achieve the set out goal.
  • Our dedication to innovation – Because innovation can transform our customers’ business.
  • Great teams build great companies – So we seek to attract and retain industry leading talent.

Our Skills

Graphics: OpenGL, WebGL, ObjectARX, AutoCAD


Cloud Application: Server/Client sides


UI: Swing/AWT, .NET/C#, MFC, Javascripts/DHTML, CodeJock, Telerik


Database: SQLServer, SQlite, MS Access, My SQL


Quality Assurance: Manual Testing, Automation, Defect Management Tools,…


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